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Electronics Waste Recycling in Vancouver (E-Waste)
Old televisions, computers, printers, fax machines, etc. are referred to as Electronics Waste (E-Waste)...and must be recycled. In British Columbia, certain electronic items are banned from the landfill and must be returned to an authorized electronics recycling facility.

Why Recycle?
Computers, computer periphery, TV’s, printers, and fax machines, etc. need to be recycled in a safe and responsible manner because they contain hazardous materials such as leaded glass, mercury, and batteries containing lead acid. All of the materials need to be disposed of properly to protect our environment.

Benefits of Recycling - The benefits of recycling your old and unwanted electronics is huge!

  • Recycling keeps millions of kilograms of waste out of the landfills which are already running out of room.
  • Recycling separates the usable and non-usable materials from the electronics.
  • Reusable materials such as copper, lead, aluminum, iron, and plastic are used in other products. A lot of this recycling is done in Canada.

Before You Recycle Your Computers
Ensure you delete any personal information from your hard drive just as you would shred any paper documents. Visit for information on how to delete your hard drive. This site also offers free downloads to delete your drive.

For more information about recycling and electronics disposal in Vancouver, throughout BC, as well as where to drop off your electronics visit

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